Trapped in a Portal

Trapped in a Portal
Trapped in a Portal Trapped in a Portal Trapped in a Portal Trapped in a Portal

Finally! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Without further ado, we bring you Sugar Myths and Fantasies!
This is a collaboration of sugar artists who are spread across the globe, who’ve been brought together to create a fantasy wonderland of art, under the theme of Myths and Fantasies. We wanted to give you the viewer the inspiration for when you are given a theme to run with. Whether it’s cookies, cake pops, tiered cakes, sculptures, blown sugar, or figurines, there are SO many interpretations you can go with this theme.
We would LOVE for you to see and feel how awe inspiring these pieces are. I am SOO proud of all the collaborators. I want to say thank you to all 54 sugar artists for agreeing to go on this wild ride with me. For saying yes to being involved in my first collaboration. For believing in me and going boldly into the unknown. EACH piece is jaw dropping. Our nine month journey has brought us to this point, and I couldn’t be prouder!

Seeing really is believing, so please find your way to:
-—Our Facebook page:
-—Our Website:
-—Our video:

Amber Adamson


Shes so very expressive. Delicate and stunning! <3

Heather S, CO/USA,

I love her so much!!!

Nichole Stiglich Cake Design

Beautiful my friend!!!

Sheri Hicks

Perfectly fantastical! <3

Peace, love & cake!

Pure magical whimsical beauty… I adore your creation talented lady!!! And so well done on such a fantastic collaboration… I’m so chuffed and proud to be a part xxx love ya!!!
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