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Mia and Goldie ~ Sugar Myths and Fantasies

Hi you all! It was an honor to be part of Sugar Myths and Fantasies collaboration. To work with 50+ talented artist, from around the world, was just a dream come true! All of the pieces are so mesmerizing and enchanting bringing fantasy and myth to life using edible sugar mediums and an extreme imagination.
This is my piece, I would like to introduce you to “Mia” (My) Mermaid and her sidekick is “Goldie” the Seahorse. She is floating in the deep colorful underwater world. I was inspired by abstract/modern paintings and wanted Mia to pop out of the painting, so she is suspended using internal structure. She is approximately 22" tall. Hope this brings a smile to your day.
******Check out the rest of the collaboration, go to FB to click on the links ;D

-- Maria Cazarez

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CakeHeaven by Marlene


Calli Creations

ADORE!!!! she is so magical and LOVE those colours and textures


so lovely



Heather -Art2Eat Cakes- Sherman

Shes is SO pretty! And her little gold seahorse friend is perfect. <3

Maria Cazarez Cakes and Sugar Art

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments <3

Renay Zamora

She is so pretty! I love all the colors <3

Love Blossoms Cakery- Jamie Moon

Love her sparkly tail and all the little details!


Absolutely amazing piece! You really outdid yourself my sweet!!!

Designer Cakes by Anna Garcia

Shes beautiful

Ilyomega Designs

I’m gob smacked! Her curls are perfect, wild and beautiful and I love the colors, down to the bubbles.

Maria Cazarez Cakes and Sugar Art

Thank you ladies <3

CAKED By Cynthia White

A masterpiece for sure!

Maria Cazarez Cakes and Sugar Art

Thank you @Caked by Cynthia White :)

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Mia and Goldie ~ Sugar Myths and Fantasies