Loves me, loves me not

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I have always loved robots and their imagery, from manga to steam punk, and I am fascinated by the use of metallic hues in cakes. Watching the colors of rust on metal is mesmerizing to me, and the ever changing and somewhat melancholic beauty of rusty colors made me think of how you feel when you are falling in love, when nothing looks the same as before and you find magic where others just can’t see it. Rust, metal and falling in love were the three inspiring themes for this cake, where a cute robot, sitting on a “rusty” cake, plays “loves me, loves me not” with a metal daisy. This project has been published on Cakes and Sugarcraft magazine both in English and Russian editions.

-- Barbara Perego Cake Design


-- Teri, Ontario, Canada

Love this!!

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-- Barbara Perego Cake Design

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