Sanjaya - Indian Fashion Elegance

Sanjaya - Indian Fashion Elegance
Sanjaya - Indian Fashion Elegance Sanjaya - Indian Fashion Elegance

My contribution is Sanjaya, meaning Triumphant, and believe me using gold and lace is not my thing, I am totally not a gold or lace kinda girl….. I was TRIUMPHANT to finish this cake and not bin it :)
The emerald gems were hand made and were to represent a traditional Indian headpiece. The fondant for my cake was generously sponsored by Satin Ice :)

Thank you to Candace Chand for creating and working so hard on this collaboration. Thanks to all the amazing supportive talented artists I had the privilege to work along side with.

44 talented cake artists from across the globe have come together to celebrate the beautiful and sophisticated designs of Indian fashion. Each artist created a cake inspired by a haute couture Indian outfit that is typically worn for elegant occasions. One can see how these outfits can easily translate into a gorgeous cake design with their rich colors and intricate decorations. You can view all the gorgeous creations at:



Beautiful Robin! Your name made me giggle…she certainly is a triumph!

Mel, Yorkshire,

This is glorious! I didn’t think I was a pink and gold kinda gal either, but this may well have swayed me :-) A triumph indeed!

Wow this is really stunning!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Oh Robin, I just love this gorgeous cake. The design and fantastic colors combined into a stunning piece . Congratulations!

Such a gorgeously stunning. the detail and colour combo is just fabulous Robin

Sasi, Sydney Australia,,

Robin!!! Your versatility and talent shines!!! Adore your creation

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