Chic Parisienne

Chic Parisienne
Chic Parisienne

This was a surprise Birthday cake for Priya who just turned 18 yesterday.
Sugar ruffle and poppy cake with a touch of the Parisienne with a hand painted Eiffel Tower topper (hidden behind the poppies) as Priya is leaving to go to Edinburgh University to study French this year, fitting since the red and black are very typical of French themes and moulin rouge colours.
Design is based on a cake by Dillicious Cakes who graciously allowed me to replicate the ruffle and damask.

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Wow, I’m totally in love with this… So vibrant and gorgeous
Stunning poppies

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Beautiful cake xx


What a stunning creation!!

S. Faisal --

Just perfect! !

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