A summers garden wedding cake

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This was another design I created for Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2015 for the wedding cakes room where I was asked to exhibit. I loved the pale yellow sugarpaste from Squires and from that painted a background of flowers like a watercolour and then made pastel coloured flowers to come down from the cake at various points. Would look perfect in a setting with a old manor house on a summers day. It brought sunshine to my room as I was making all those flowers, loved it!

-- Simply Alpa

On my lord this is beautiful,

-- Charlotte

A work of art!!! Stunning Alpa, you’re so talented!!!

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Great, great, Alpa!!!

-- Anka

So bright & pretty :)

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gorgeous super stunning

-- lilchick

Thank you all for your comments, glad you all like it. I was so nervous about painting this one, not sure why but I was! Thankfully it turned out just as I imagined it to :)

-- Simply Alpa

Wow this is simply gorgeous!

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Beautiful Alpa! It is so bright and cheery

-- Kristyne & Sofia

Great cake and a lot of work I suppose!!!

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Alpa it is stunning, your painting is beautiful and I love your flowers. So so talented x

-- ellie's elegant cakery

Just Stunning…

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I freaking LOVE this! SOOOO warm & springy! Pinning for sure!!!

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