Peggy Does Cake




Red Roses Cake!

Red roses via iambaker tutorial. Read more and find the link to the tutorial here:


red butter cream buttercream roses iambaker cake



LOOOVE this!! Thank you soo much for the info on how to do it!

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara)

love it! Turned out much better than mine lol. Do you use the 1M tip or the 2D?

Tea Party Cakes

I love this cake! This technique in the red looks awesome! I so want to try this sometime!

Stephanie Dill

Soooo pretty in red!

Raewyn Read Cake Design

I LOVE your buttercream roses! They’re perfect! and that red is so lush and vibrant! :)


This is so beautiful! How did you achieve that red color if you don’t mind me asking?

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Red Roses Cake!