Ombre Owl

Ombre Owl
Ombre Owl

I did this cake for a baby girl’s 1st month celebration. Mummy requested a previous design I did a couple years ago but that was a single small cake. I totally underestimated just how long it would take to roll, cut and stick those million blossom flowers to create the ombre effect for this 2 tier 10/8 inch cake. Oh my gosh!
And then on top of that had to prepare 60 match cupcakes with a matching ombre effect after that…Oh my gosh!! This weekend almost killed me, but I came out smiling…..until next weekend….lol


Oh my goodness, such patience Jo, but the result is super cute !! xx

Lou, S.Yorks UK

Really really cute x

ellie's elegant cakery

That is a shocking amount of flowers but such a beautiful effect! Your poor hands afterwards…….mine are aching just thinking about it! :-) x

Julia Hardy

Wow, so perfect

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

I love this design — these tiny blossoms give this cake a perfect look — you did a great job — now relax and enjoy the lovely comments on your cake!!

S. Faisal --

wow beautiful design…looks amazing x


so very sweet…

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