A hole in 60.....

A hole in 60.....
A hole in 60..... A hole in 60..... A hole in 60.....

One of two birthday cakes for a friend’s husband who is 60 next week. This one is for his main party. The banner behind “the green” is a copy of one from a recent golf charity match his company sponsored. His company logo is on the baseball cap, and he is holding a calculater (he is an accountant).
I am ridiculously pleased with the golf ball effect letters!
Thanks for looking x



Thanks Biscuit Mexico 😊


Thanks Danijela – you are so kind 😊x


Fab Judy, your comment about the letters made me giggle! X

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Brilliant! And I’d be pleased with the letters too!!

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Thanks Angela and Anna – they do say that little things please little minds…..that’s mine, by the way not yours! 😊


Love the textures Judy! ;-)

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Brilliant Judy and I love those letters too! :-) x

Julia Hardy