Australian Natives

Australian Natives

I took a few months off cakes around Christmas so I could relax and just make something fun, just for me to keep the passion alive.
Waratah, Proteas, Eucalyptus leaves, Gum nuts and Melaleuca pods….. it’s all sugar.
It was a huge challenge because none of the cutters were available for these flowers so I had to just get what I could reasonably close and do some serious re-bending and shaping them into the right shape and then finish shaping the flower paste with the ball tool.
Thanks for stopping by for a look :)



Wow, Gorgeous! Love yr flowers so much!

Think cake, think pink!

Gorgeous flowers!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Oh wow! They are absolutely gorgeous! You are the bomb Robin! :) <3

Pauline Bakes The Cake!

These are outstanding Robin!!!! You know how much I adorw your flowers and all that you so my lovely friend… Pinned to sugar and clay flowers by others on

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