piano cake

piano cake
piano cake piano cake

My latest work, a piano cake :)
I used mdf boards and dowels to make the base, stacked and cut the cake, ganached it as smooth as possible, covered the top first, scored the lines, airbrushed, then covered the rest piece by piece. I made the keys early on so they were already firm when.placed on the cake.
The shine is made with confectioners glaze. Musicsheet is edible paper.
The lid is a thin foamboard covered in very thin gumpaste

Love making 3D realistic looking cakes <3


so beautifull you got my vote :)

Wow, its perfect :-)

Sensational Sugar Art by Sarah Lou

Saw this on FB. Love it!!! Fantastic work!

Rebecca of Becca's Edible Art, https://www.facebook.com/TheSweetSpotAZ

Gorgeous cake ā€“ well done

Crazy Cake

Amazing. Even though you have kindly told us how you achieved this, Iā€™m certain that not many of us could! :-)

Julia Hardy

Thank you all <3 so sweet!
Julia, it just needs a lot of patience ;) and practise, I am not that great in straight smooth edges, so this was a great challenge for me too!

Love making 3D realistic looking cakes <3