My name is Rachid Braïk and I've have been working in cake design since 1991.
In 2008 I decided to create my own Cake Design business, Crazy Cake. At that time you could count the total number of cake designers in France on the fingers of one hand. Cake Design was totally new to the French population and it took a lot of energy to educate customers about Cake Design as they found it difficult to believe that what I presented was actually a cake that could be eaten and that the taste was good.
I am very proud to have introduced modern cake design to France and to see how the activity has grown over recent years.
My company, Crazy Cake, which is located in the east of France near to the Belgium, Luxembourg and German borders, specializes only in Wedding Cakes, Stacked Cakes, 3D, 2D and celebration cakes. Early this year I opened a second shop in Metz which is mainly a showroom but also an activity center for children to learn to bake cupcakes, cookies etc...
I also organize workshops for those who wish to learn cake design, from beginner to advanced.


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