Calvin & Hobbes Cake

Calvin & Hobbes Cake
Calvin & Hobbes Cake Calvin & Hobbes Cake

My cake for welcome to 2015, with two characters that I’m a big fan, Calvin & Hobbes.
“Happiness isn’t good enough for me! I demand euphoria!”… I wish you a happy new year for all! :)

GloriaCakes, Spain,


love this…’s wonderful. Great figures…great painting. We named our dog after this cartoon…Calvin…..sis-in-lw’s dogs name was Hobbs. Pinning.

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Thanks, June!! I really love these two guys :)

GloriaCakes, Spain,

I’m a HUGE fan of Calvin and Hobbs… In fact as a family we are as my sons love the cartoons too from South African days as cartoons were in the newspaper back page. ….. I just adore what you have done here from modelling to hand painting. Pinned to Hand painted cakes

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Amazing cake!!!! I have never seen the cartoon but the cake is really awesome!!!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Thank you so so much for your words, Calli!! :))
Thanks, Marlene. If you have occasion, don´t miss the fantastic Calvin and Hobbes :)
Thanks, Aga and Kizzy!! :))

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