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Pooh Cake...The Customer Was Unhappy ;0( "Not enough detail".

This is the same customer who did not like my mini poohs. My Husband warned me that she would never be happy. She did not like this cake because it did not have enough detail and the tree trunk was too big (We hada serving size requirement) and there were not enough vines.
Bottom tier 10 inch finished in butter cream with fondant accents. Top tier fondant finish with fondant and butter cream accents.

-- Lori-Ann,The Cake Studio Cayman,

Sounds like no matter what you did she wouldn’t be happy. The cake is Awesome…. don’t let it get you down.

-- KK

Blimey, not enough detail, the woman needs her eyes tested. There’s no pleasing some people, don’t let one difficult customer get u down, sending u some cakey love x

Thank you ladybug cakes and Mazy! I really appreciate it!!

-- Lori-Ann,The Cake Studio Cayman,

Sending you some cakey love as well! I don’t know how much more detail the customer would have wanted. This cake is super adorable!

-- Sunny Smiles from the Cayman Isles!, or

Are you kidding me?!! How is there not enough detail. This women was obviously blind and bitter to being with!!! I think you did a splendid job!!!!

-- Melissa

Don’t bake for her again. Let her find someone else. You should be using your talents to please those who are realistic. This cake is adorable!


That’s wicked. If someone turned up at my door with that cake there would be no complaints! Well done!!

-- Em Taylor, Brandon, UK,

Not enough detail? Wowsers!!!!! This cake is beautiful, I adore your Pooh bear, he’s super cute. This cake is sooo full of character and detail…well done xxxxxx

-- My Facebook:

Thank you everyone. After this I was reconsidering doing children cakes ( another Mom did not like my Barney cake because she said that the Barney was brown). You all have given me the courage to try again.

-- Lori-Ann,The Cake Studio Cayman,

This cake is right out of the story book! She’s either crazy or was hoping to get a discount. I’ve heard people talk about saying they were dissatisfied to try to get a lower price. It’s a nasty thing to do when your work is clearly fantastic!

-- Carrie, Michigan,

I think that would be the last cake she got from me! If she wasnt happy with this , you will never make her happy! This cake is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

The cake is fantastic! Please, please don’t make a cake for her again, your work is too good for the likes of her! What a hide! Every single bit of it is perfect! Don’t let her put any doubt in your mind about your skill. Well done :)

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

Unfortunately theres just no pleasing someone have a customer exactly the same and hubby said she wouldn’’t be happy right from the initial order..maybe we should learn to listen to our other halves lol. AWESOME job as Mum of 9 and 2 step children I would have been stoked to be presented with this cake . Keep up the awesome work its fantastic !!! Cheers Renie

-- Cheers Renie, Australia,

Wow that is a fab cake, I would be proud to show this off – if only I was as talented as you. Well done.

-- DabHandCakes, Lancaster, UK - Facebook page=Dab Hand Cakes