Stacked Books Groom's Cake

Stacked Books Groom's Cake
Stacked Books Groom's Cake

It seems like books are a popular item to make in cake, at least it has been in my experience. I recently made this book stack as a groom’s cake for a wedding. They were very specific about the books and the order. And for 1984 they wanted it to be an old design of the book – using no edible images. Good thing we love a good cake challenge! We wound up finding a first edition of 1984 on sale on Ebay. They wanted over $2500 for it, so we just used the scans to make a cut file template and cut the letters out using our Cricut. The entire cake is covered in modeling chocolate, cause it just works awesome when making books! Hope you enjoy!

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -


This is an amazing cake! Such straight lines and great details!!

Amanda Bowman

these are fab!!!

'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela

so so perfect!!!

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

They are so perfect WOW !!! look at those edges !!!!!! amazing work <333333

Dubey Cakes

Wow, these are so perfect… Beautifully done x

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