Arty Standup Number 4 with a Ballerina

Arty Standup Number 4 with a Ballerina
Arty Standup Number 4 with a Ballerina Arty Standup Number 4 with a Ballerina Arty Standup Number 4 with a Ballerina Arty Standup Number 4 with a Ballerina

I don’t know what to call this…my act of stupidity or my strength to persevere. This was the first time I almost gave up and cancelled the family birthday party…….. this is what happened.

As usual decided to do two cakes one for the actual birthday and one for the party, only problem this time was I kept everything till the last minute and didn’t plan this cake properly. The soaring Ballerina cake I planned a bit ‘cos I knew it will be hard and wasn’t sure whether it will work out. With this cake I did the board early but cut corners ,cos of my hands. I was going to have four little girls this time on the cake like the three princesses on last year’s cake.

Finally I got around to making the cake a day before the party. Then my problems started….First as I was covering the board, realised that the fondant was not enough so decided to make some more, once I finished that and as I was stacking the cake, noticed that the board was sagging on one side…I was like oh God what am I going to do now…removed the cake made the board a bit more sturdy by doing a bit of drill work. I had another option that is to change the board completely but that involved more work and time so opted for the easier option. Phew second one solved. So back to cleaning up and stacking the cake….now the next problem….you guessed it right.. the cake was not enough… now I am thinking of calling everybody and telling them I am cancelling the party but ’cos of my daughter decided to plough ahead so baked two more trays of cake and then put it in the fridge to cool down. Also realised that I was running out of buttercream icing…..I have done all this so why not make that too. By the time I finished all this it was 3am and my body was aching and my head was not working, decided to sleep for a while got up at 6am and slogged away at the cake till 3pm. Mind you I had not cooked anything for dinner till then, left the cake as it is luckily I had done one of the girls so put that on and also the mushrooms I had made earlier. Started my express cooking of 6 curries + fried rice for the kids, Jelly . Finished it except one and cleaned the kitchen by 7pm. Not bad for perseverance on my part ehhh??

An Arty stand up number 4 Cake……..Did I mention that the cake was enough to feed a village. Pure underestimation and laziness on my part brought on all this problem. Wafer paper was a big saviour.

In my heart of hearts…. HAPPY but NOT HAPPY……happy because I finished the cake and cooked dinner against all odds….and not happy because the cake didn’t have lots of elements from my original design , the detailing could have been so much better and also for not planning this cake properly. So is this an act of stupidity, height of madness or my Perseverance to cover my stupidity….Either way it is all that kind of ends well I guess…………. Both the cakes …a Labour of Love for my dear daughter :-)

Thank you for looking and for your support. As usual sorry about the lengthy writeup :-)

Sasi, Sydney Australia,,


Thank you so much for your lovely comment Sweet Lin

Sasi, Sydney Australia,,

Lovely to see you too. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Elli :-)

Sasi, Sydney Australia,,

Awesome Sasi this would truly be a hard shape to tackle & I bet your daughter LOVED it

Jo, NZ,