1920's wedding cake topper

1920's wedding cake topper
1920's wedding cake topper
1920's wedding cake topper

This is my new step by step tutorial. They stand about 9-10in tall.
200 pictures and instructions.
And a little gift from me, BUY ONE GET ONE until 24th December.
You can either purchase a video tutorial or a pdf tutorial and choose a second one for free. The free choice must be equal, similar in price or less than the one you bought.
Once you purchased the tutorial please send me an e-mail with the confirmation and your choice of free tutorial and I’ll send it in 24 hours. Thank you!

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I just love love them they are perfect xoxooxox


Beautifully done!!!

Amanda Bowman

Oh my… They are so perfect.. Look at all the fashion detailing … Wow x

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits


Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

They look stunning!

Marlene - CakeHeaven