Welcome Sofia xx

Welcome Sofia xx
Welcome Sofia xx Welcome Sofia xx Welcome Sofia xx Welcome Sofia xx

Sofia is a very precious little girl who wasn’t too well when she was first born and spent a little time in Intensive Care.
Everyone is so proud of her progress, and her family are getting together today to welcome her home and into their lives.
So I’m very proud and privileged to have been given the opportunity to be in charge of making the cake!! xx
Chloe and Simon her Mum and Dad liked the Teddy Baby shower cake I made a while ago, so this is a close version of that cake with a top layer added and a few of Sofia’s special friends.
Sofia’s favourite and most special soft toy is Dana the Duck, so on top of the cake is Dana with Sofia sitting on her knee and they’re chatting away to each other. Another friend is Spike the Owl, who’s hanging on the line to dry.
Welcome Sofia xx, you are a very special little girl who I know is going to bring so much sunshine into the lives of all your family and everyone who is lucky enough to get to know you.



totally in love with this design and all that fabulous tiny detailing!!! wow!! so special and precious!!!

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Thank you so much Calli and Goreti xx And I’m happy to report it went down a treat…….photo sent just now showing me only crumbs left!!! Yeah!!!!


This is so gorgeous Karen!

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Thank you Sawsen x


Every small detail is so lovely,beautiful cake!

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Thank you for your kind comment Desponia Karasavvidou-Osuala xx


Thank you Carol xx


I love all the details on this cake Karen, especially the washing line.

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