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Internacional competition-silver medal cake

Wellcoming Christmas

-- Mocart DH

Congratulations! It is beautiful

Work well done on silver award, it fabulous… I added to my album Cakes International 2014 on

-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Lovely cake!! Congrats for silver!

-- Marlene - CakeHeaven

adorable and congratulations!

-- Anka

Big tnx&smile for the saport:)))

-- Mocart DH

so awesome love the bear and congrats on silver

-- lilchick

Thank you,it realy means a lott to me:))))

-- Mocart DH

cute design…cute cake…congrats…

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Great cake!
Congratulations with silver!!

-- greetings Daantje

Thank you:)))

-- Mocart DH