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Stitch and bitch club cake

Took a little while for me to make all these ladies from the stitch and bitch club! :)

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Zoe your models are brilliant! Do they bitch a lot when they’re stitching do they haha

Calli Creations

Fabulous characters… Love the title

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

This is great, must have taken ages!


great cake

Julia Hardy

Gorgeous modelling – great little aga too! :-)

Zoe's Fancy Cakes

Thanks :) they took a awhile, but they were only tiny :)


Great work!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

What a fun cake! All of your figures are amazing! Tiny people are even harder to make!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

what a delightful cake…sweet figures….

Centerpiece Cakes By Steph

Hahahaa love it!!


This is so adorable but I’m glad you showed us the sofas separately. Great work as always.

Bethann Dubey

awesome design so much work <3333

Mommy Sue


Cake A Chance On Belinda

This is awesome, love the cake x

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Great job!

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Stitch and bitch  club cake