"Fishbone" (Threadcakes)

This particular design really drew my eye and I liked the challenge of it.

I used a wooden baseboard (18” square), 3/8” treaded rod, washers , nuts, a metal bar and foam board for my structure. The foam board was then covered in ClingWrap, then the entire thing was covered in clear contact paper. The foam board/cake board was then iced and covered in fondant. The cake was then carved, filled and iced. Once the icing was firmed up, I covered the cake in chocolate. I added a small RKT tail extension, sticking it and covering it in chocolate.

Once the chocolate was set, I began the fondant work – starting with the ribs and skull, followed by the spine. I created the skull by layering fondant and painting with food coloring. Throughout the whole process of baking, stacking and decorating I worked on some of the detail work during fridge breaks – mixing fondant, cutting flowers, ruffling, top fin spines, creating the fins, etc. The ‘drips’ are fondant-covered bamboo skewers. I completed the cake by covering the board with white fondant and a few scattered petals, and added ribbon to the edges of the baseboard.

My husband was supposed to take the cake to his school but vehicle problems nixed that, so the staff at my daughter’s school were more than willing to take a free cake.

I’m quite happy with the completed cake, and I hope you’ll all enjoy it too!

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Bethann Dubey

This is amazing !! wow love the design <33333333333

Mommy Sue

so cool

Calli Creations

Wow, fab design

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"Fishbone" (Threadcakes)