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Spongebob Squarepants birthday celebration

Here’s my version of Spongebob sitting up ready to blow out a candle for Imogen’s 3rd birthday. Vanilla sponge with chocolate chip cream cheese filling and a dash of chocolate and vanilla sauce. Fun to make and quite the challenge to plan how to make him so he doesn’t topple over or collapse. Loved making the little details like his tie, nose, socks, shoes, sponge holes and his little chubby cheeks. Can’t help but smile while you’re making this. Hope you like him x

-- Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

edible glue vanilla sponge choc chip fondant chocolate rolling pin glue gun spongebob spongebob squarepants yellow red brown black socks shoes candle 3 birthday white


Little Apple Cakes

He is adorable!!

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna)

Gosh you’re quick Selma!!! Thank you bella for the super rapid and wonderful comment x

Calli Creations

Beautifully done

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna)

Thank you Calli x

Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

Very cool love it

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

very cute…..



Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna)

Thank you Danijela, June and Luna x

Noreen@ Box Hill Bespoke Cakes

So Cool Sassy.xx.

Elli Warren

Adorable!! So cute!! :-) x

The Custom Piece of Cake

So cute

Bethann Dubey

Adorable <3333

Sweet Foxylicious

Cool x

Teté Cakes Design

Lovely Anna! Sorry I’m so late !!

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Spongebob Squarepants birthday celebration