Oh Scary !!

Oh Scary !!
Oh Scary !! Oh Scary !! Oh Scary !! Oh Scary !!

I made this cake for this weekend for a 4 year old little girl .. I tried to make it funny :D and not to scary . The pumpkin and the kitty are cake also.. ::)

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hahaha this is cuuuute … LOVE IT

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Thank you so much Sharon :D …. Thank you Myska I am so glad you think he is cute :D …. thank you BISCÜIT :D ….thank you Wallace :D I hope not to scary ..lol :D

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miaooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! ahahahahah

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just EXCELLENT!! have pinned to Halloween. I love it!! :) :)

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Just the right level of scariness. Outstanding detail. Love that spider

You are so funny Mariagrazia <3 <3 you ……… wow thank you Fiona :D that is so nice of you <3 <3 :D :D …… Thank you Jeannette :D …. I am so happy you like it :D <3

Dubey Cakes

Love this!! It’s puuuurrrrrfect ;) hehe!

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