The Prayer Book

The Prayer Book
The Prayer Book The Prayer Book

Hi all,

This is a cake close to my heart. In a way, it saved me at a point where I wasn’t sure I could really do cake anymore… after a few difficult experiences, a couple of which I’ve talked about a bit in other posts. It was for a charity, in commemoration of a very blessed event and in tribute to one of my greatest teachers and inspirations, a personality very close to my heart. At a time when I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make anything again, I received this request and knew I had to accept, almost like a gift from him… so I tried not to overthink, and just re-discover myself – to start to see deeply again and not just look – and re-connect with the stillness and source of creativity which is the heart of my passion and the reason for all successes I’ve had. I had to re-learn how it is I should be making cake, for someone who has literally no idea what they’re doing except for through guidance from something beyond conscious thought.

The design subject matter seemed quite fitting given these circumstances. Here’s a little more about the inspiration for the cake.

A young cleric came back to visit a wise old sage he had known in his youth. The old master asked what his progress had been throughout these years, and the cleric happily replied, “I have trained myself to focus on every word in prayer, without breaking my attention for a second.”

The old sage looked taken aback, and remarked, “so, when do you actually pray?”

Prayer is more than words… it is a connection between that deepest part of ourselves to the source of all being, the unifying force in all creation. That is what this cake is trying to represent. The stylised lotus flower represents the flowering of human consciousness as the inner soul awakens, the doorway an opening of paths and perspectives otherwise hidden from us in our “closed” un-spiritual state, and the dove in flight the freedom, elation, and peace that comes with connection with the Divine.

The beads are a prop, everything else including the carved wood effect board is edible.

I hope you like this cake. Thanks for looking,


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This is beautiful and lovely, Sawsen!



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Thank you all for your kind words and support <3

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Beautiful …. <33333333333333333333333333

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thank you all, I didn’t expect this reaction, I’m very touched

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