Bad Elsa - Let It Flow

Bad Elsa - Let It Flow
Bad Elsa - Let It Flow Bad Elsa - Let It Flow

This cake is for all you fellow cake decorators out there who are probably getting a little tired of making “frozen inspired” cakes.

The idea for this “Bad Elsa” came about when I thought "wouldn’t it be fun to do a naughty version based on Elsa from Frozen…….well….A friends 50th birthday provided me the opportunity to put my plan into action.

This Elsa is of a significant age, with a fuller figure, baggy arms, short dress, tattoo and a love of partying, pubs and wine…..she has really done some living……hence the “let it flow” theme. (I was thinking “she let it all go”)

I must have done something right… friends have howled with laughter at the sight of her, and my 7 year old daughter and her friends were horrified at what I’d done to their beloved Elsa (“why have you made Elsa look soooooo bad” was the exact phrase)

Hope you all enjoy her and she puts a smile on your face :)