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Standing Hofner Beatle Bass Cake - Paul McCartney

My husband is a muso and huge Paul McCartney fan, so when I had the opportunity to have a private guitar cake class with Verusca Walker and two other friends, there was no doubt which of his vintage instruments I was going to recreate in cake.

The cake is an 11" chocolate mud with dark chocolate ganache and is a 1/2 scale model of the real thing. It has a gorgeous clean finish, thanks to Pettinice fondant by NZ Bakels, which I also used for all the guitar details. I used a 1:10 ratio of their chocolate fondant and white fondant for the base colour. Verusca helped me airbrush the sunburst affect with Americolour Cafe Brown, and this shading effect really brought it to life. The Hofner Guitars logo, mother of pearl pickguard, ticket and button are all printed on wafer paper and mounted on hardened Pettinice mixed with tylose. I covered the dark wooden neck with modelling Chocit, as well as the cream trim around the bass body. The armature holding the strings on the base of the Hofner was created by carefully snapping (and not separating) a kebab stick and hot gluing trimmed wooden popsicle sticks to it. I painted all the wood and silver with the 100% edible silver Rainbow Dust Colours Ltd edible silk range, which you can purchase from Kiwicakes. The strings themselves are elastic silver thread which is brilliant, as it keeps taut and easy to handle.

I enjoyed making this cake, and glad I was patient enough with the details, which were what took the longest. It’s not perfectly accurate, but I tried hard using my husband’s ‘63 right handed Hofner bass as a guide – so I can’t wait to take what I learned with this one recreate the next one, which my husband has requested a full lifesized one for his birthday!

-- Nina, Make Pretty Cakes, New Zealand,

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Bethann Dubey

Woooooooooooooooow this is amazing !!!!! <3 <3 <3 great work!!

The Custom Cakery

Amazing Nina! What a beautiful finish too. Looks so real!

Julia Hardy

Absolutely incredible work and thank you for including all to info – really interesting to read! :-)

Sweet Little Treat

So incredible Nina!!! You are on fire!!!!!!

Cake A Chance On Belinda

Awesome, fantastic detail x


Stunning cake !!



Calli Creations

Wow, Nina that is just superb!

The Floury

Love love

JT Cakes

Absolutely amazing. Well done, Nina :o)

Elli Warren

Gorgeous!! Fantastic!! :-) x

Delicia Designs



great job

Sugargourmande Lou

Super cool and so brilliantly done, Nina !! Hope hubby had a happy birthday ! <3

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Standing Hofner Beatle Bass Cake - Paul McCartney