Star Wars Birthday Cake

This was one of those birthday cakes that taught me a few things……

So my very regular and loyal client asked me to make a ‘star wars’ cake for a three year old……From the very beginning my heart was not in it…but I had trouble saying ‘no’ to my client since she is so lovely and I did not want to disappoint her.
Throughout the three weeks leading up to the delivery date, I kept thinking to my self “how can I cancel this order? I am so bad at novelty cakes, for me there is no joy in creating these kinds of cake”. The more I researched on internet about star wars, the more frightened I felt approaching the task.
Anyways, I did not quit and stuck to my commitment and I could not be happier when I saw that my client and her son were so happy to see the cake!

Points to self:
1. Learn to say ‘no’ to stuff that you don’t enjoy doing…..don’t feel obligated to say yes and then take the ‘fun’ out of the process.
2. Glad to know I am not a quitter……no matter how daunting the task!
3. Be open minded to new things….without pushing the envelope to far!!!!
4. Link your work to a higher cause….happiness of another…….keeping yours in mind too!!!!



-- Cupolicious, Frankfurt, http://www.cupolicious.com

birthday starwars



very cute

Bistra Dean

I definitely think that you’ve done a fantastic job. I love clean and plain cakes rather than overcrowded (let’s say it this way) when people are trying to put 100 figurines and flowers thinking that it will make the cake more attractive.
Love your cake . Don’t say no when you’re challenged . It always leads to discovering something new about yourself.
Well done. Love it.

Kriti Walia

Thank you so much for your lovely words and for taking out the time to write…..Appreciate it!


very nice, love it

The Custom Cakery

It’s good to work on what you enjoy but I love what you’ve made!

Kriti Walia

Thank you!

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Star Wars Birthday Cake