Stitch 3D Cake

Stitch 3D Cake
Stitch 3D Cake Stitch 3D Cake Stitch 3D Cake Stitch 3D Cake

I made this 3D cake for my son, on his 5th birthday. He loves Lilo & Stitch so it was clear for me ha ha and for his birthday I made a big Stitch going out from a present box. He loved it, he was so happy… and I was so happy too!!!!!
He´s made completly with modelling chocolate, his head has RKT at the inside.
The box is made with fondant and free hand painted, also the cover of the board. It was sooooooooo hard to dry!!! The box panels I mean. Here was near 40ºCelsius and a very high humidity. One day his ears were over the table, another day I left one ear near the sun and it melted (yes, it went out all the oil from the chocolate), and so did the petals. And I also made the cover of the box but never dried ha ha.
So I changed a bit the design and I´m happy with the result!
The cake is a chocolate sponge with layers of chocolate and hazlenut cream.



I love Lilo and Stitch xx You did such a great job and the weather gave you a challenge too xx


so adorable and great, love the design and the colors

Shannon of Sweet ObsesShan

Thank you Karen!!!!! It was a huge challenge but I´m happy with the result!!! xxxx


Shannon!!! Thank you!!! xxx


great cake!!! can’t tell you had trouble Arantxa …..came out wonderfully….thankfully we are into fall here…no more humidity ….

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

I didn’t see you put this up .. I love this cake !!! it is awesome!!!!!!!!!

Dubey Cakes

He is so, so, so, so, Cute!!!! Horrible for you to have to deal with the humidity and heat but he turned out fabulous in the end. I would have a very hard time cutting him…. :-) x

Julia Hardy

June thank you!!! Here’s still super hot but autumn is near, yayyyyyy ha ha. xxxx
Bethann! Thank you!!! xxxx
Julia! Aw thank you!!!! I didn’t cut it, before all the effort I can’t cut them ha ha that’s some one else duty! Ha ha ha


Ha ha thank you Naomi for your Wow!!! Ha ha