Eight Kawaii Cake

Eight Kawaii Cake
Eight Kawaii Cake Eight Kawaii Cake Eight Kawaii Cake

We started the season with children’s cakes accurate designs.

Last week we had a Little Mermaid cake and this week played a children cake for a lady 8 years. Valentina.
Valentina’s mother had wanted the cake shaped 8, inside and outside Rainbow cake that had a microphone as she loves to sing!
The rest I leave in our hands …
So we look for a combination of cane colors and decided to do the Kawaii decoration which we love !! : D

Inside we use the same colors to decorate. Five layers of cake and vanilla orange yellow, dusty pink, fuchsia, chocolate brown and charcoal black filling chocolate mousse with Cointreau. We have no picture of the cut, because children were thrown head and Valentina’s parents did not have time to take pictures :( :)

All the decoration is made of fondant and chocolate plastic and is entirely edible.

Thank you for trusting us to tart Valentina surprise party, and leave us to our air both in decor and taste! :)

Sweet life

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