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Tiffany Baby Shower

An 8" Tiffany shower cake to welcome Baby Aulani. Everything is fondant, but there is a square of cake board inside the lid to support it.

The board is covered in glittery scrapbook paper, which sparkled teal and pink – it’s a shame it doesn’t show up in the photo. I used self-adhesive rhinestone letters and ‘bling on a roll’ to finish off the board.

I have a tutorial for a smaller version of this cake here, but I have added updates for this larger version.

-- Lots of tutorials at: www.facebook.com/theroyalbakery

Gorgeous work as usual!!…..you may go straight to your spot at Number 1 !!!….

S x

-- www.facebook.com/thewhiteboxcakeco

Gorgeous work Lesley :). Can’t wait to scope out the tutorial!

-- Sunny Smiles from the Cayman Isles!, http://www.facebook.com/caymancake or http://caymancake.wordpress.com

Gorgeous! This cake needs to shoot up to #1 NOW! :)

-- http://www.facebook.com/WhiskMeAwayCake

love all the elements in this cake, especially the bling bling alphabets, love!

-- Bito, Handmade with Love..just for you!, www.bunsintheoven.my

Thank you, lovely peeps!

-- Lots of tutorials at: www.facebook.com/theroyalbakery

So so pretty! I can’t wait until I get to use your tutorial one day to make one of these!!

-- Nancy Ferguson

So beautiful – and thank´s for the tutorial! =)

-- Doce Verti,Brazil,http://www.facebook.com/Doce.Verti

As always, a beautiful job!

-- Esther @ The Frosted Cake Boutique | www.facebook.com/thefrostedcakeboutique