Hi, my name is Esther Williams and I am the owner of The Frosted Cake Boutique. I come from a line of bakers, starting with my grandma, down to my mom and all her sisters. At a young age I had my sweet tooth satisfied and ever since, must have it satisfied!

One of the most common questions I've been asked since opening The Frosted Cake Boutique is, "Where do you get your inspiration from?" The thing is, it's a really loaded question and close to impossible to pick just one source of inspiration. I've been blessed with a great family who not only have believed in me all my life, but have stood by my side throughout the darkest moments of my life, caring and devoted friends who are front and center to grab any bits of leftover cake I can hand over to them, and my little dog Romeo from whom I get my daily dose of love. All of these people have been my encouragement and source of motivation. But if I'm going to be real, my greatest inspiration comes from my greatest love, the One who has captured my heart and breathed life into me. His name? Jesus Christ.

I am not trying to preach. It's just the plain truth. I would be nothing without Him. He gave me this gift of creativity in cake decorating, and has made it what it is today. He created me from nothing, and it is to Him that I owe everything. I look at where my life once was and where it is today and I can honestly say that I am only alive today because of Jesus. I want it to be known that He is my first Love, and the reason why I am doing this today. Every sugary bite is inspired by His sweet love for me.


Esther, this is beautiful! Love the colours and your sheep turned out great! Funny, but I recently joined My Cake School!! Guess I’ll be seeing you there too. :-)

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Hi Esther, I’ve been watching your cakes and these seems a dream, congratulations!

De un Bocado

Hi Esther, I love your work, it’s so pristine and perfect! congratulations!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Hi Esther,
so lovely cakes;-)
Greetings from Austria.

Judith und die Torten

Hi Esther, Totally in love with you work. So dreamy :) Laurra x