Leon's Circus Birthday Party

Leon's Circus Birthday Party

This is the final cake that i made for my boy. The cake is around 60 cm tall. The Lion and Balancing Mouse i put on the top of the carving double barel cake (20 cm tall) and The Clown i putted beside the cake.

The cake taste was almond sponge cake with vanilla and strawberry buttercream flavour

This was the sweet table that i created for his party. Everything in this table were handmade…even the box i prepared 3 months ago LOL.

Made these decorated macaron also for the theme of the party

Inside these were puff pastry that i made

I’m really happy with all the result as this is my first sweet table that i made. Hope you like it and thank you for watching <3




Amazing work, everything is perfect!!!

Cake on Me, Athens Greece, https://www.facebook.com/VeraCakeOnMe?ref=hl

This is fantastic Lin!!You the best mum!!i can imagine how happy Leon was;))))perfect sweet table Hun;)))


amazing :) such a lucky boy = happy birthday :) xx

Wallace x http://www.facebook.com/AWGHobbyCakes

OMG what a party, fabulous and amazing! Well done, the cake and goodies look fantastic! xx

Cake A Chance On Belinda

Thank you so much for your kind word my friends <3


So cute… I love your clown so much

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