Cute Little Barn

Cute Little Barn
Cute Little Barn Cute Little Barn Cute Little Barn

Yasmina, who turned 7, wanted a farmhouse/barn for her birthday as she was celebrating her birthday in such a venue. Cute little animals make this cake (I did model them from the new Squires Kitchen book). I have to say I enjoyed making those cute animals; my next project is to be able to model a person without having it look like a zombie :D
Wish me luck :-)

Dina @ miettes,


I saw your cake on FB! Really lovely Dina!!!!

K@rEn --

This cake and animals are so cute. Love it Dina <3

Learn from the past! Get yourself a blank canvas and paint your own life. Be your own artist! Mila,

Thank you so much, Karen!!
Luna, thanks a lot for your comments and fave!!
Mayra, many thanks for your kind words and fave!!
Mila, glad you liked them!! Thanks for adding to your favorites!!

Dina @ miettes,

Cuteness overload!! <3

Enchanting Merchant Co

Mel, many many thanks for the cuteness alert :D Thank you for adding to fave too!

Dina @ miettes,

Gorgeous cake! I love how you gave every animal its own emotion and expression! This is a seriously laid back farm where all the animals can just chill! Such great modelling and absolutely adorable! Fabulous cake Dina! <3

Maggie Gagiano

Maggie, yes, chill out time for these animals :-) Enjoyed making them; thank you for writing lovely words every time; thank you for also adding to your favorites!!

Dina @ miettes,