Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Jake and the Neverland Pirates

This cake was for Beppe’s 3rd Birthday party. Huge Rice Crispies Treat carved Pirates ship. Painted Captain Hook and Jake, 2D palms, piped waves and you know me by now, I like to use light brown sugar as sand. Masts were made of kebeb wooden sticks. Some crafting from school days can come in handy :) Sails are wafer paper

Thanks for watching. :o)

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Brilliant design….very unique elements!!

Enchanting Merchant Co

Wow this is fascinating! Magnificent work! Love the ship and the sails!!!! Perfect painting and superb design! Another WOW! Goodness me, this is so stunning!

Maggie Gagiano

this is WONDERFUL Jon and I love your paintings with it, so much character, I love it! ;)

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Brilliant Jon x


So fun – I’m going to be singing this song all day! I love how you combine sculpting with painting – great cake!

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Again an amazing cake, Jon. I think this is your best boy’s cake ever. Those fine detals of the ship, the cartoon painting and stunning palm trees. Oh, and even a matching bakdrop and cake stand! Is that new? PROSIT, my friend!!!

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fabulous cake and love your captain hook and jake painting :)