Sea Turtle and Baby Turtle

Sea Turtle and Baby Turtle
Sea Turtle and Baby Turtle Sea Turtle and Baby Turtle

This was my very first sculpted cake. The shell is all cake covered with fondant and hand painted, the head and fins are rice crispie treats covered with modeling chocolate and hand painted. The sand is graham crackers and brown sugar. The smash cake is covered in butter cream and edible “sand” and topped with a cute little baby sea turtle. My client wanted this theme because her little one moved like a sea turtle on the shore whenever he crawled! So cute, and great clients! This is one of my favorite cake memories.

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now that is one blinking amazing piece of sculpting and art!!!! wow, i LOVE this so much!! well done and its too cute too!!!!

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Wow! I love it!!!

tree Wanganui, New Zealand

This is an amazing cake. I love the detail and the cute look on the mums face is brilliant. Love it totally!!!!

gateaux de mandy

Amazing cake so cute :)

Tracy Farquhar

Love all the fabulous details on this cake…. AMAZING!


Love it, you did an awesome job

This is absolutely adorable. Their faces are just amazing! :)

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