Gizmo cake

Gizmo cake
Gizmo cake Gizmo cake

Tart Gizmo (Gremlins cake)

Alicia’s mom wanted a special cake to celebrate daughter’s 30th birthday. I was undecided as to the subject … of course it had to be something very nerdy.
Alicia has a beautiful store (PIKA PIKA) in Barcelona filled with treasures of Arale, drac Ball, Adventure Time, Totoro …. and many endless things Chachi!
So the cake had to keep up! And what is the chachi and looks very cute …? I think the definition of these two words is GIZMO!
For those under 20 years, Gizmo is the protagonist of the 1984 film Gremlins, where this monisimo Mogwai is given a Christmas pet, but requires very strict care … not being met, well, lia a little brown!
I had many doubts about how to make Gizmo, inside the box, version Rambo … and finally the toy car I found more groovy moments. This was the result! The car is tart Belgian cocoa and chocolate cream filled Swiss yogurt and raspberries. The interior of Gizmo is RKT with black chocolate ganache and fondant and is completely made by hand.