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Little girl in Paris

I could count on one hand the amount of large cakes I have made as I normally make cupcakes but my neighbours little girl was turning one and I just had to make something for her. However I knew that cupcakes weren’t going to do it this time. I decided I would make the cake bright , colourful and cheery and made Madeline the school girl with her little dog and the Eiffel Tower. The cake itself was a rainbow cake… Silly me, what was I thinking when I am not very good at the best of times covering cakes with fondant and now I had to cover this tall whopper. I sat and looked at it after I had crumb coated it hoping that the cake fairies would come and cover it in fondant for me but they didn’t. In the end I was quite happy with it and more importantly my French neighbour and her little girl loved it.

-- Dawn

french eiffel tower


Michal Bulla

Very nice!

Cake Me Home Cupcakes

Thank you :)

Barbora Cakes

it’s really pretty!


so pretty

Calli Creations

Too cute!

Znique Creations

So pretty xx

Cake Decor in Cairns

Gorgeous x

Cake Me Home Cupcakes

Thank you everyone for your kind comments xx


Awesome cake! So beautifully done and your modelling is stunning! Well done!

Zoe White

Beautiful cake!

Allways Julez

Wonderful cake!

Little Apple Cakes

How could I miss this one Dawn, too cute!!

Cake Me Home Cupcakes

Awh thanks Selma x

Julia Hardy

Such a cute, happy cake! :-)

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Little girl in Paris