2 Tier MINECRAFT with Sword Topper for Tyler

2 Tier MINECRAFT with Sword Topper for Tyler
2 Tier MINECRAFT with Sword Topper for Tyler

I dreaded being asked for a Minecraft cake like so many others, knowing how much work it would be to cut out ALL those piddly squares! But I could not deny this family as they are one of my best and longest customers. So I set about wanting to make something different but also find a way to save some time with the squares. So I thought this was a great opportunity to FINALLY use my new airbrush that I won from Dinkydoodle and made my own grid stencil to use for the squares on the brown portion. I thought I could save some time using the airbrush, but I ended up still spending a good 18 hours on the cake, 8 of those just on the bottom tier panelling, airbrushing and cutting and applying the squares.

The airbrushing attempt on the first layer of squares worked ok until I tried to line up the stencil on the second and third layers with different shades of the brown and ended up not having them line up enough for my taste. So I had to go about cutting out brown piddly squares after all and apply them so the gaps were not so obvious lol. At least I was able to save some time since I did not have to make as many. This was my first time airbrushing, so I still have to work on getting the hang of getting a more even spray and being able to get different shades or depth of colour. Also, after I had applied about half the protruding green squares, my son came by and told me that that was not authentic to the game. Argh…I was just going by a graphic that I saw that I really liked because it had some depth to it (see last pic) and it was too late to go back at that point.

So, needless to say after this experience, I hope I am not asked again anytime soon for another Minecraft cake because I am sure I will say ‘NO’ lol. TFL.

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Violet its fantastic!!! You did an amazing job!!! So perfect, gorgeous and neat!! You really can turn your hand to anything!! Colours are wonderful!! Love it!! :-) x

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It’s brilliant & so neat & perfect x


Brilliant job, Violet! ♥♥♥…all that effort = fabulous result…. love it!

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Great cake :-)

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this is amazing. I salute anyone who takes on a square Minecraft cake ha ha xxx


Spectacular! Great job!

Maggie Gagiano

Wow, so cool!!

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