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And Then There Were Four!

Last minute baby shower cake for one of my dear friends. There’s Papa Bird, Mama Bird, Sissy Bird, and the little blue egg is brother to be! Vanilla cake with lemon curd. All wrapped in modeling chocolate. Birds are fondant mixed with tylose. All other decorations modeling chocolate. A fun cake to make. Thanks for looking.

-- Carla Jo, California

baby shower olive blue orange cream cake lemon



Supper neat and pretty!

Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C.

Oooooh, my gosh! This is totally awesome! How unique! Love it!


So pretty!!!

Bliss Pastry

I absolutely love this!



Nancy's Cakes and Beyond

Oh how perfect!! After seeing this I so want to learn how to do this with Modeling Chocolate!!

Ann-Marie Youngblood

So Stinking cute!

Carla Jo

Thanks. Your kind comments made my day.


This is so stinking cute!!! What a lovely design and I love your little birdies! :)

Nicole Taylor

Congrats on making Daily Top 3!!!


Amazing cake. Sorry but i must ask, how do you make modeling chocolate to look that amazing? I tried a modeling chocolate recipe but it did not look anything like yours. Mine was really hard to work with and it melt easy. Guess i did it the wrong way. Please i need your advise thank you.


I love this cake. Really pretty and sweet and modern and cute… Good job!


Very Pretty <3


I just love your work..

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And Then There Were Four!