Rose D 'Alba, best blog of the week

Rose D 'Alba, best blog of the week
Rose D 'Alba, best blog of the week

are at rest, rest, rest , forced rest, heeeelpppp ! !
Unfortunately I have a little problem in the shoulder and now I dedicate myself to … Physiotherapy … sadness ! !
I do not know how long it will be but I am working for " risistemarmi " as soon as possible , certainly for me that this is a nasty and spiteful period also because , accustomed to move, now I feel hindered and this is not good for morale …
Today, however, my morale has risen dramatically and , since so far I have not wanted to " grieve " telling of my injured shoulder , take this opportunity to let you hear from me , but nice and unexpected news .
You will know one of the most well-known portals cake design , Cake Mania , here :
have contacted me telling me that he had noticed my blog and I have complimented for my creations , asking for confirmation report it as best blog of the week, the portal of Cake Mania …
I ‘ve been really happy , it’s a never-ending satisfaction to be noticed for their work , while being very reserved.
If you like, you can give a ‘look , I’ll put the link below and , in the meantime I tell you that I miss you all and embrace virtually with all my heart.
A prestoooooo ! ! Catania, Italia


gorgeous cake—hope your shoulder gets better soon

Such a beautiful cake Rose. So sorry about your injury. Rest and take care of yourself so you can decorate again. Coraggio, si sarà in grado di creare di nuovo presto.

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎