6 Tier Spiral Cascading Peonies & Roses Wedding Cake

6 Tier Spiral Cascading Peonies & Roses Wedding Cake

We had to make this 6 tier wedding cake recently and we decided to film the entire (90%) process from conception to attending the actual wedding. It was an especially unique project because the cake was made on the Gold Coast (QLD, Australia), and flown to Adelaide (South Australia). It was a huge cake that needed to travel a huge distance (2000kms).

Its a fairly long video but if you have some free time, see how Serdar Yener did it!

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Stunning!!! Beautiful cake!!! :-) x
P.s just watched some bits of the video and it looks fantastic!! I will definitely go back later and watch the whole video, he is amazing to watch!!! Thank you for posting!!! :-) x

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watched the video absolutely beautiful stunning cake and a pleasure to watch its construction :)

Saw the video. Thanks for sharing it with us. You made it look super easy to create this incredible masterpiece! Well done!

Maggie Gagiano

Wow, love this !

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