Sassy cake - Pimp my Cake

Sassy cake - Pimp my Cake
Sassy cake - Pimp my Cake

Apologies for listing this again. Forgot to include all the class information!

Meet my Sassy.
She is a free standing sculpture girl on a 9’’ board and about stands about 18’’ tall. I made her at a class with Rhu in Scotland. It was such an amazing experience and Rhu is fantastic teacher. I would highly recommend the class to anyone who is used to working with sugar paste. It involves building structure and building facial features and the whole class is fun and full with new techniques.
Here is where you can find more info about the class and information on how to book:

We had the class at Little Miss Fairy Cake Workshop. Suzanne also has fantastic classes which you can find here:!classes/c2360

Jackie, UK,