Batman Wedding Cake

Batman Wedding Cake
Batman Wedding Cake Batman Wedding Cake Batman Wedding Cake Batman Wedding Cake

This cake was made for a dear friends niece last Easter weekend.
I was thrilled when she came to me with the ideas ( so I can’t fully take the credit for all of the actual design as it was a combination of a few pictures she showed me then I just put it all together in a way that I thought best suited the scale and fit the icing ‘Batman’ couple.)
The figurines I made out of sugar paste to reflect features of the bride and groom.
It was such good fun as Renee ( the bride ) arranged the whole thing as a surprise to Jasen ( the groom), he of course is a massive Batman fan !!!!
The figures were inspired also by a fabulous clay ornament made by the very talented Sophie Cartier Studios…Do look up her facebook page and see her incredible sculptues in clay.
The top four tiers of this cake were chocolate mud and the bottom tier was just a dummy cake.



wow, that is fantastic Julie! I have just looked up Sophie. as you say, wonderfully talented, thank you for the lead. (Love the Khal Drogo). You have done wonders with this, so romantic and fabulous x

'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela

Absolutely gorgeous!

Maggie Gagiano

Fantastic job!!! Great idea :)