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Birds and Swirls

Get me!! Embossing AND painting, easier than I thought too :0D
I coloured 20g of fondant split in three for three different pinks using Sugarflair Claret then, I used a 7mm blossom cutter. I used the Cuttlebug ‘Birds and Swirls’ embossing folder onto Sugarflair’s Gooseberry coloured fondant and then painted it with Rainbow Dust Dark Silver and stuck the blossom on with a brush of water – Simples! You will find the paints and cutters at PartyAnimalOnline

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birds and swirls birds swirls silver cupcakes embossed cupcakes cherry blossom blossom painted goosberry green


Sam M

I love the mixture of techniques used! Just beautiful!


I adore your cupcakes! this one in particular is my favorite.. I already shared it on my page :) by Linda

Beautiful as always :)

The Snowdrop Cakery

beautiful as always x x x

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

I loved this so much, I went out and got the birds and swirls embossing folder. I can’t wait to try it out!

Lesley Wright

Gorgeous, Victoria. Love your caption too. :-)

Lesley Wright

Victoria – another thing – how did you find out if those Cuttlebug embossing folders are food safe? I bought a polka dot one, and then wasn’t sure if I should use it…


Wonderful when you combined the swirls with the flowers!

Peggy Does Cake

Loved it from the second I saw it on your page. You are wicked awesome. xx


these are simply beautiful- love it!

Victorious Cupcakes

WOW! All my absolute favourites commenting on my little ol’ cupcake. I’m floored! Thank you! Also thanks for sharing, I had 800 new followers this week and it’s all down to lovely people like you.
@Lesley I can’t find anywhere that says “Don’t use Cuttlebug folders for food” so I just carried on. Some people even put the fondant through the machines or pasta machines, which I find bizarre?? If you know or hear of anything you better let me know. x

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Birds and Swirls