Elephant Smash Cake

Elephant Smash Cake
Elephant Smash Cake Elephant Smash Cake Elephant Smash Cake

I made this 6" cake for my daughter’s smash cake photo session for her first birthday, since her party a few days later had an elephant theme. She was very lady like at first, dipping one finger in at a time into the frosting ~ but she wasted no time pulling the fondant elephant apart. Poor little guy! Apparently she’s one of the rare few who actually likes eating fondant :)

Elephants on the side were piped on with royal icing.

You can read the full description and see more photos of this cake on my website. www.bakermama.com.

Photos by Sylwia Ok Photography

thea jo, http://www.facebook.com/bakermamacakes, www.bakermama.com


Love it! How long did it take to free hand those elephants?

Jessica, Kodiak Alaska http://www.facebook.com/ConceptualConfections

I love the cake and your Daughter looks so cute in the smash cake session! You can practically hear the elephant saying, “No, not meeee!” ;o)

Becky, North Carolina, http://www.cakesbybecky.blogspot.com

So Adorable! Love the cake and your daughter smashing it!!

Toni, Pennsylvania, https://www.facebook.com/WhiteCraftyCakes