My first wedding cake

My first wedding cake

First attempt at a wedding cake. read a tutorial on how to create the billows on the bottom tier a few weeks ago. Then I created the cake just this week and did it by memory. My memory was not as good as I thought. I cut the squares too small, if I had done them bigger – a lot bigger like in the tutorial, it would have been MUCH easier! But in the end it turned out to be a pretty fantastic finish!

Pam - Kingman, AB -


Wow. That’s astounding for a first cake. Great job.


Thanks Melissa! This is my first wedding cake, not my first cake. It was fun to do, and I was happy with the final result!

Pam - Kingman, AB -

it’s lovely nd elegant. Nice work. Is it fondant finish? how did you get such nice sharp corners at the top of your tiers?

It looks beautiful! Cant wait till my first wedding cake!

That is one beautiful wedding cake. Fantastic job! I should start making my very first wedding cake too :-)

Amazing finish on this cake, I bet you’re thrilled with it for your first wedding cake!

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