Ruffled Cake

Ruffled Cake

Made this for my niece’s 1st birthday this weekend. The cake is a pink zebra stripe vanilla and is covered in cream cheese icing.


Love this!! Might have to give this technique a whirl!! :)

I love the shading. Would love to try the technique too. Is it a lot of hard work?

Your Ombre is perfect and I love the “down” facing ruffles. So neatly done. Great job! =)


can’t believe you did that with cream cheese icing, lol…it gets so soft so quick. great job!

Thanks everyone. FatCat, it’s not really difficult. I’ll tell you the most difficult part would be not having enough tips and bags and having to wash and reuse all the time. Just start with the first color (the darkest) then keep adding more white to lighten.
Heather, my cream cheese icing doesn’t have any other liquid except for a bit of clear vanilla extract. It was actually a little too stiff for my liking so I thinned with a few drops of water. To smooth, I usually use a hot, wet spatula and it works.

<~~~is so happy that your getting all this wonderful attention for your beautiful cake still want a tutorial lol <3

Stunning cake Gina! I agree with the ladies…a tutorial would be wonderful lol! :)

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia