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Wedding Cake

“I love doing brides figurines or female figurines…enjoy to add the details and recollect many things. Archi & Ammu’s best friend Nelli married a Pilot Kiran and they wanted to gift something different to their dearest friend. So it’s Amruta’s ideato order this beautiful cake from U.S and to be delivered to the couple in Hyderabad. This is how she wanted me to portray the newly wed couple on the cake. Nelli & Kiran were surprised and so happy after seeing the cake and my client was content with the final outcome.



Charise Viccarone~ The Flour Bouquet Co.

Oh I love this … so adorable!

Elli Warren

So cute!! Adorable!! :-)

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Really cute!


so cute

Allways Julez

so very cute…

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Wedding Cake