I have been decorating cakes for 2 short years and have learned a lot BUT have a lot more to learn and try! I'm so excited to start joining cake communities and talking with other bakers and decorators so I'm super excited to join this site. I live in Strongsville a suburb outside of Cleveland and I have two babies... a 3 year old boy and 10 month old baby girl and two dogs and they are my world. Unfortunately im not a stay at home mom so I also work full time so I've taken on a LOT with doing cakes as well but I love it so much I can't help it! So with that being said I drink lots of coffee LOL. I'm hoping to do cakes full time and be home with the kids so we'll see where this takes me! :)
<3 ~Charise


Hi Charise, returning the follow :) I look forward to enjoying your cakes x

Mel, Yorkshire, http://www.facebook.com/doncastercustomcakery