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Our Easter Cake

The Erich family Easter cake…. carrot cake with cream cheese icing, royal icing strings and a large gumpaste rose.

-- Bliss Pastry, Deland, Florida


Tiffany Palmer

Love this! Im on my phone and even before clicking on the photo I knew this was yours…absolutely beautiful!

Bliss Pastry

Hehehehe! Thank you! Guess I need to do something surprising soon! :o)

Shey Jimenez

Beautiful and so elegant and beautiful and elegant and beautiful .;) LOL! In other words I LOVE IT!

Tiffany Palmer

No way! Dont change a thing, I love your style! <3

Benni Rienzo Radic

Gorgeous as usual!! I love that stringwork and don’t get me started on that flower…lol. STUNNING!

Chantal O'Brien

Beautiful :-)

Ann-Marie Youngblood

I Knew this would be #1 You have Made piping skills!


This is just beautiful! I love piping and it is wonderful to see it so well done! You do it such justice!! :-)

Bliss Pastry

Thank you all for these fabulously kind comments! I was very worried that I was giving this cake to our family and friends yesterday when I didn’t have time to plan anything really incredible out. My only plan was to make a really big rose and then figured piping would be faster than anything else I could do with it covered in cream cheese so that part was freehand and i kept it basic. Lol. I’m very tickled that you all like it! Thank you!


It’s gorgeous!


Your sugar flower is stunning!

Sam M

Amazing string work!

Jacque McLean - Major Cakes

This is a beautiful cake Kristen!




I love your work! But do tell – cream cheese icing with royal string work – really? Didn’t know one could do that. I guess you can also do with buttercream base? And why do you use royal instead of the c.cheese?

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Our Easter Cake